DANEVORE – Half Danish – Half Omnivore 

(or actually 100% Danish – and about 99 % omnivore – there are a few things I don’t like. Keep reading, and you’ll find out)

This blog will be combining two of my passions. Food and travel. I find inspiration in food from all over the world, although I do have a passion for american food, or food inspired from american restaurants, food trucks and ethnic neighborhoods. So it’s not just classic americana, but the new wave of popular american food, from poké to ramen and everything in between. Since being located in Copenhagen, Denmark I’ll be looking at developing recipes with ingredients available close to me, or giving them a special Danish tweak or twist. So don’t go all crazy on me (like Jamie Oliver getting dead threats for cooking paella with chorizo in it), if my gumbo isn’t exactly as your Louisiana momma made it. I like to experiment in the kitchen, and once in a while I discover something really fun and interesting that I’d love to share.

I’m also a huge fan of craft beer, and the idea of cooking with beer. I’m really into the american craft beer scene, and will most likely be writing about that as well.

For all you non-scandinavian readers out there, I will also delve into Danish food. Making dishes along the way with ingredients that you can get wherever you are in the world. Everything from classic Danish dishes to dishes inspired by the new nordic style of cooking.

I’ll also be writing about visits to restaurants, food halls and food trucks mostly from in and around Copenhagen, but also from all my travels. For example trips to Rome, Dubai, London, Berlin and all over the United States – plus lots more. Even though some of my blog posts will be mainly about travelling and places I visit or have visited, food will still be the common thread in everything I write about.

I’m not new to writing. I’ve been running a blog (in Danish) since 2013, mostly about american food and travels. But I love writing in english, and challenging myself, so therefore I’ve taken this step, and I feel I have something to offer, both in my writing and my recipes.

I hope you’ll read, comment, subscribe – and most importantly find inspiration in my recipes and writing.

– and remember to travel is to eat

Mini BIO.

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Favorit travel/food destinations: New York, Berlin, London, Barcelona, San Diego and San Francisco

Favorit foods: Hey, I’m an omnivore – I love almost all food. But I especially love food from the american south, mexican, thai, vietnamese and indian food.

Favorit dishes (Currently): Ramen, Pho, really good Sushi, Paella and Gumbo. And any kind of slow cooked casserole with pork sirloin and cream.

Favorit danish dishes: Forloren hare (meatloaf with brown gravy), Stegt flæsk med persillesovs (crispy fried pork with potatoes and parsley gravy).

Food I hate! : Dill, Caraway (except in akvavit or in very small doses) and Fish that have a really fishy taste. So not a total omnivore, but close

Favorite food and travel related tv-shows: Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmern, Ugly Delicious, Mind of a Chef, and everything starring Anthony Bourdain.

Favorite food and travel related youtube channels: Lost LeBlanc, The Endless Adventure, Samuel and Audrey, The Food Ranger, Vagabrothers and everything by Vice Munchies.

Favorite (newer) cook books: Heritage by Sean Brock, Momofuku by David Chang, L.A. Son by Roy Choi, Zahav by Michael Solomanov, The Food Lab by J.Kenzi López-Alt

Favorite food writers: Anthony Bourdain, Marc Dredge and J. Kenzi López-Alt (seriouseats.com)